Includes multiple nationwide searches and inquiries conducted in an attempt to locate and identify a specific person. At a minimum our due diligence search includes the following:

  • United States Postal Service Forwarding address
  • The last known employment of the person
  • Names and addresses of possible relatives including attempted contact
  • Searches to determine if the person may be deceased
  • Any telephone listings possibly available for the person
  • Inquiries of law enforcement agencies in the area the person was last known to reside
  • Highway patrol/motor vehicle records in the state where the person was last known to reside
  • Department of Corrections for any possible incarceration records
  • Hospitals in the area where the person was last known to reside
  • Utility companies including water, sewer, cable television
  • Records of Armed Forces
  • Records of tax assessor
  • Search utilizing a major, nationwide internet people and asset locate database
  • Any other legally available search options